Unfortunately, South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world, and in 2019 alone there were 495 161 property-related crimes, and 220 865 home burglaries, according to South African Police in conjunction with Stats SA.

One of the most effective ways in which you can protect your home throughout the year from criminals is through a home security system which boasts security cameras.

At Blinc Security, we consider ourselves home security experts and from our experience in security cameras we have realised their many benefits, which include:

Discouraging Criminals

Having outdoor security cameras installed on the perimeter of your property can be enough to deter criminals. Because of this, many property owners install dummy cameras but these are easily spotted by experienced criminals so it’s best to get the real deal.

Professional security camera systems deter criminals as the footage is likely to identify them as the culprit, and what criminal wants that?

Assisting The Police

If you have been the victim of a burglary, the footage provided by your security camera system is very likely to have caught the criminal in the act. Police use these security videos to identify and track down the culprit, thus preventing further crimes and getting back your stolen belongings.

Checking On Your Family And Pets

Security cameras, despite their name, are not solely used for security purposes. Security cameras, when positioned correctly, can allow you to check on family members and pets by using a remote monitoring system when you’re not in the property.

Insurance Benefits

If your home has been burgled, you should also make an insurance claim. Security cameras assist in this process and the incident has proof and documentation to stand behind it, helping you receive your claim faster and with less hassle.

Blinc Security Cameras

If you really want to take your home security seriously, the only way to do it is to have an alarm system that you can trust as well as good-quality security cameras.

Interested in protecting your property with high-quality security cameras? Blinc Security offers a range of both indoor and outdoor security cameras, as well as a variety of accessories. We are defined by our security systems that harness the power of solar energy, meaning that you never have to rely on municipal electricity for your safety.

Call us today and we can talk about the ideal security solutions for your property.

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