Welcome to your mini comprehensive guide to weatherproofing your camera system. Here we reveal how you can ensure that your cameras aren’t affected during hard rains and bad weather.

The South African Summer is just around the corner, and that means rainy and windy weather and hopefully lots of it! Now is the time to ensure that your outdoor security cameras are properly protected from the elements so that your security investment maintains its longevity.

Check Your Security Camera’s Housing IP Rating

An Ingress Protection rating should be easily found on the housing of your outdoor security camera. This rating indicates how well your camera’s housing is able to withstand the elements. A good IP rating would be a rating of 66, which ours are!

Having one of our IP66 rated cameras, means that your outdoor security camera is able to withstand other materials such as dust making them reliable even during windy and dry summer weather.

Before purchasing any outdoor security cameras, it’s advisable to ask about the IP rating.

Rainwater Housing

To provide extra protection for your outdoor security camera, you could also get your security cameras their own rainwater housing. This will really protect your cameras from not just rainwater, but also elements such as snow, dust and heat.

Waterproof All Cables

Electricity and water are never a healthy combination. Remember, not just to focus on protecting your camera, but the wiring as well. All cables and connectors should be properly waterproofed – this is easy to do with a quick trip to the hardware store. It is best to waterproof the entire wiring job with outdoor-rated cables.

Cover Security Wire Holes

Any holes that were necessary for wiring your outdoor cameras should be properly filled with duct seal or silicone. When sealing, make sure you leave drip loops to avoid water getting into power outlets.

Get Rid Of Moisture

Cold or damp weather could result in condensation in your camera’s enclosure. The best way to avoid this is simply by placing a packet of silica gel in the camera’s housing.

Need quality outdoor security cameras installed? Are you looking for help making sure that your outdoor security cameras are properly situated and protected from poor weather conditions? Call us today, and we can talk about the ideal security solutions for your property!

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